Statistical Process Control

Control and Improve Service and Production Processes

Statistical Process Control (SPC) - What will you learn?

Statistical Process Control is a set of techniques that can bring stability and predictability to processes. SPC can also be used to rigorously demonstrate improvement in process performance.

SPC is applied in office, laboratory, production, and service environments – indeed anywhere that you wish to monitor and control an ongoing process.

Imagine you’ve made an improvement and want to sustain the new level of performance. How do you hold onto the gains and prevent things regressing to a previous state? SPC could be the answer you are looking for.

SPC techniques are much more accessible to people and practical to implement these days thanks to the utility of software.

This training course is designed for non-statisticians.

This 2-day course covers both the theory and the practice of SPC. We explain how and why the methods works as well as what buttons to click in Minitab. The course contains lots of practical exercises to bring the techniques to life.

You will be able to immediately apply these techniques at your place of work.

Course Format

The training is delivered via live Zoom / Teams sessions with email support where required.

You will be part of a small select cohort of participants.

A full set of colour printed notes will be provided for you.

A Training Completion Certificate is issued on completion of the module.

Join this course in the knowledge that if you wish to take your data analysis skills to the next level, you can build on our introductory course with a range of other standalone modules. All of our Minitab modules are delivered as 2-day sessions.


Minitab is recognised as a leading platform in the field of data analysis. We use Minitab as our software of choice for SPC training.

Despite its enormous power, Minitab has a friendly user interface that makes it easy for complete beginners to get started and then move on to more sophisticated techniques.

We have been using Minitab for over 20 years in countless data analysis scenarios with more than 100 organisations. It remains our favourite route to understanding data, converting this to valuable information, and making the right business decisions as a result.

In SPC, there’s only so much you can do with Excel, Minitab does it all!

Statistical Process Control – what we cover:

  • How and when to establish process control
  • Selecting the right control mechanisms for your situation
  • Causes of variation – Random and Special
  • Control Limits vs Management Targets
  • How to set up a control chart
  • How to interpret the data
  • How to choose the right control chart
  • Which control tests to employ
  • Practice with ImR, XbarR, P, NP, C, U charts
  • Data Transformation
  • Rare Event Charts
  • CUSUM Charts
  • Rational Subgroups
  • The impact of Over-Tampering
  • Process Capability vs Process Control

Who should participate?

People who are interested in their own personal development and who would like to learn about process control.

Anyone looking for career development via this certificated programme.

People who want to upskill their problem-solving capabilities and demonstrate what they can achieve within their organisation.

Anyone looking for their first formal training in Statistical Process Control.

Academic qualifications are not required, but reasonable numeracy and familiarity with using Excel will be useful.

Pricing 2-day Module

UK   £500.00 (plus VAT)

USD   $650.00

Euro  €650.00

If you would like to know more about Statistical Process Control please fill in the form below and we'll be back in touch.


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