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Our mission is to help people lead and deliver improvement and strive for excellence.

We train, coach, partner in all areas of Business and Operational Excellence. Our methods include Lean and Six Sigma and incorporate Cultural Change.

We will help you achieve higher performance levels, improve processes, reduce costs, eliminate unnecessary waste and solve particular problems.

We provide this service through a combination of in person and online training, coaching and consultancy.

Our Online and Open Attendance Training Courses

Our Latest Blogs

Is Lean Six Sigma a Fad?

Have you lived through endless new corporate initiatives? I have, and it can be tiresome. As an advocate of the improvement methodology known as Lean…

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OpexDRIVE - Drive Excellence!

OpexDrive is the complete online coordination platform for your Operational Excellence programme.

Model - Assess - Prioritise - Action - Fix - Support - Link

Create a cohesive drive for excellence.

Our "In Person" Services

If you prefer we can deliver our training and coaching services on your premises.  Click below for more information.

Lean Six

We support you in all aspects of process improvement from training to coaching and delivery of completed projects.

Rapid Improvement Workshops

We drive focused workshops with your selected team and deliver fast results for the long term.


We build the Continuous Improvement capability in your department, division, organisation.


We support you to devise
and execute
Operational Excellence and Cultural Change Initiatives