Hypothesis (A vs B) Testing

This training course is designed for Non-Statisticians!

Hypothesis (A vs B) Testing - What will you learn?

There are lots of circumstances in business where we require to make comparisons.

For example:

  • Is this process method better than that one?
  • Does this drug have the measurable impact we need?
  • Do girls do better on this exam than boys?
  • What difference does this petrol additive produce?
  • Do people react more favourably to these website colours?

No doubt you can think of examples that are relevant to you.

Merely comparing the average performance of two sets of data can be highly misleading. There are additional important considerations. For example, what impact did the sample size of the data have; how does the variability in each sample factor into any decision; how much of a difference is significant?

This training course is designed for non-statisticians.

Hypothesis Testing gives us a rigorous way to make such comparisons and draw conclusions with a quantified statistical significance.

For example, in any A vs B test, with what level of confidence should you wish to state your conclusions, 90%, 95%, 99%, not sure?

Hypothesis testing is all about making good decisions based on a rigorous comparison of data.

This 2-day course covers both the theory and the practice of Hypothesis Testing. We explain why the methods are important and how they work.

Our emphasis is on giving you a thorough understanding of the techniques first, before showing you how to perform hypothesis tests quickly using Minitab.

You will be able to immediately apply these techniques at your place of work.

Course Format

The training is delivered as a series of short bite-size video sessions.
The videos lead participants through the step-by-step problem solving process.
Course notes accompany the videos.
Templates for all the important steps are provided and can be downloaded.


Minitab is recognised as a leading platform in the field of data analysis. We use Minitab as our software of choice for SPC training.

Despite its enormous power, Minitab has a friendly user interface that makes it easy for complete beginners to get started and then move on to more sophisticated techniques.

We have been using Minitab for over 20 years in countless data analysis scenarios with more than 100 organisations. It remains our favourite route to understanding data, converting this to valuable information, and making the right business decisions as a result.

Hypothesis (A vs B) Testing - what we cover:

  • Introduction to rigorous ways of making comparisons
  • Classifying various types of hypothesis tests
  • Establishing your hypotheses and challenging them
  • Determining confidence levels
  • The amazing Central Limit Theorem
  • The Critical Value method
  • P-Values
  • Making good decisions based on data
  • 1-sample Z Test
  • 1-sample t Test
  • 2-sample t Test
  • Paired t Test
  • Chi Squared Tests
  • Contingency Tables
  • F – Test
  • Seven non-parametric Types

Who should participate?

People who are interested in their own personal development and who would like to learn about A vs B Testing.

Anyone looking for career development via this certificated programme.

People who want to upskill their problem-solving capabilities and demonstrate what they can achieve within their organisation.

Anyone looking for their first formal training in Hypothesis Testing.

Academic qualifications are not required, but reasonable numeracy and familiarity with using Excel will be useful.

Pricing 2-day Module

UK   £500.00 (plus VAT)

USD   $650.00

Euro  €650.00

If you would like to know more about Hypothesis (A vs B) Testing then please complete the form below and we'll be back in touch.


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