Rapid Improvement Workshops

‌Do you need solutions in a hurry?

Rapid Improvement Workshops are a great way to generate and implement process solutions in short order.

These workshops focus the energy of your team exclusively on a particular problem area or process which requires performance improvement.

Within 1 – 5 days (depending on problem complexity) the aim is to deliver as complete a solution as possible within the duration of the event. Some people call this type of event a “Kaizen Blitz”.

The workshops are action oriented, highly participative and extremely satisfying for employees who will experience significant progress in a very short period of time.

We Fully Support You

* We provide full support to organise and be the facilitator of your Rapid Improvement Workshop.
* We adopt a positive, unbiased, independent view during the process.
* Our aim is to help your team make substantial progress and generate great results.


* Preparation for a Rapid Improvement Workshop is critical for success.
* We invest the required time with you and your team up front to ensure everyone and everything is ready to hit the ground running.
* Your team will know what to expect – and what not to expect – from their Rapid Improvement Workshop


* We work hard to engage everyone in your team and help them to participate and contribute.
* We lead the team through a pre-planned agenda taking logical steps towards a result.
* We use tried and tested systematic problem solving methods but your team needs no prior knowledge of these.


* The aim of these workshops is to deliver results, as far as possible, within the duration of the event.
* We will drive your team to achieve the above.
* In any workshop though, there are always follow on activities. We lead your team to generate formal action plans to ensure completion.

Our Track Record

Whilst we’ll lead the process, it’s your team who will be driving change. They are the ones who know the intricacies of your business – these workshops empower your team to make positive changes and create significant improvements.

We have been selected as facilitators for a huge number of Rapid Improvement Workshops, and we have an outstanding track record of success. Our clients are consistently delighted with the positive outcomes that they have achieved from these events.

We have led successful workshops for manufacturing and service organisations, third sector organisations and a host of government agencies.

Here are some examples of recent workshop topics:

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