Excellence Culture

Perhaps you've heard of "The Toyota Way"

What's Your Way?

We help organisations, small and large, to create their very own Operational Excellence and Cultural Change processes.

Your organisation has its own specific challenges and priorities, so simply picking up and using someone else’s route to excellence is unlikely to be successful.

It’s important for you to devise your own path to excellence specific to your current situation and future aspirations.

We can help you do this and support you at every step of the journey.

For example, we’ll help you to define what “Excellence” looks like for your business, establish where you are relative to this standard, support you in closing the gaps and making it all sustainable. More below…

Define your path


Build engagement

* Determine the Components Of Success (COS) for your organisation.
* For each component, establish what “Excellence” means specifically for your operation / business.
* Hence develop your maturity model.
* Establish your internal Excellence Change Team.
* Generate enthusiasm, commitment and urgency in your people for achieving excellence.

Drive Forward to Excellence

* Provide tools to prioritise your improvement activity.
* Train your people on systematic ways to close the gaps and achieve “excellence”.
* Establish mechanisms for you to track progress and monitor results

Perform Your

Operational Excellence

Gap Analysis

* Put your personalised "Excellence Model" to work by performing a business diagnostic.
* Engage your people in a self assessment of your current reality versus future aspirations.

Make it Sustainable

* Establish routines and embed the process.
* Develop ways to build on success and recognise the contributions of employees
* Develop the Champion group and create a review process.

Wouldn't it be great if you could automate all of the above?

OpexDrive is the complete online coordination platform for your
Operational Excellence programme.

We created and built OpexDrive specifically for our clients who want to create a culture of continuous improvement leading to operational excellence.

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