Drive Business Excellence


OpexDrive is an online software platform which allows organisations to manage, coordinate and control all aspects of

Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement and any other Change Initiative.

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OpexDrive Capabilities

  • On-line system accessible from any computer or mobile device
  • Coordinate multiple locations including globally
  • Attractive user interface and very easy to use
  • Includes your own branding
  • Use as many functions as you need, start small build from there
  • The system adopts your own terminology through soft-words
  • Generate automatic status reports from your Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, and any other programme
  • Determine where you are on your Operational Excellence journey or any other programme journey – Environmental, Industry 4, Inclusion and Diversity, You Name It.
  • Use built-in diagnostics or create your own for ANY initiative
  • Use built-in maturity models or create your own for ANY initiative
  • Select your preferred scoring methods
  • Prioritise and communicate the organisation’s next drive for excellence
  • Coordinate the entire programme and / or specific projects
  • Use built-in project models such as Lean Six Sigma, DMAIC, 8D, JDI, CCC or create your own project models.
  • Capture and manage innovations and employee ideas
  • Perform and track Root Cause Analyses with built-in Cause-Effect and 5-Why systems
  • Capture your strategy and link it to all of the above
  • A place for your training courses – video, audio, slides, docs
  • Provide downloadable guides, tools and templates

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