Training & Coaching in Continuous Improvement

‌Learning is good. Application of learning is better.

We believe in providing the specific support you need. Despite covering just about every aspect of process and performance improvement, our menu of courses continues to grow and flex to new emerging requirements. We can configure training to meet your exact requirements and normally don’t charge for customisation of courses.

As you would expect, we are results driven people. Therefore, we want to see you gain a return on your investment.

We drive this in three ways:

  1. We discuss the course content with you prior to commencing any training to ensure what we deliver covers your needs entirely and has the right emphasis.
  2. People learn more if they are enjoying themselves. Our in-person training courses are highly interactive with imaginative hands-on exercises.
  3. Our training courses are often backed up with coaching sessions. These are designed to support your people in applying what they have learned. The value of training comes not just from the learning, but also from the application of that learning.

Getting Started

* Gain familiarity with your organisation
* Understand your current situation and challenges
* Discuss priorities and options
* Create & agree a plan


* Deliver content according to your needs and chosen emphasis
* Maximise use of examples & case studies relevant to your business
* Provide one-to-one and team coaching and support


* Configure training and coaching that best fits your needs
* Select participants
* Select improvement activities and projects
* Establish improvement teams

Programme Options

* Online Training Options
* Face to Face Training
* Consulting
* Blended versions of the above

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